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Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering (CINS)


CINS was incorporated in 1986 and represents the Canadian scientific community of neutron beam users and promotes scientific research using neutron beams. Our members include university faculty, professional scientists and engineers, research technicians, post-doctoral fellows and
graduate students. As of 2011, our membership totaled over 500 individuals, including over 350 individuals from over 50 Canadian institutions from every province except PEI, including over 90 university departments from over 30 universities. The many university departments include broad representation from physics, chemistry, life sciences, earth sciences, materials science, and engineering.

Our objectives are:

** To stimulate and facilitate research by Canadian scientists using neutron beams.

** To establish priorities for the development of facilities for neutron scattering in Canada.

** To make representations to the appropriate bodies and authorities for the provision of adequate facilities and funding for researchers using neutron beams.

** To co-ordinate the formulation of joint or separate proposals for instrumentation and infrastructure for submission to granting agencies.

** To administer infrastructure grants that may be awarded for such research, subject to any conditions that may be imposed by the granting agency.

** To sponsor schools and workshops that provide theoretical and practical training, and to support travel for scientists located at large distances from the neutron facilities.

** To carry out any other activities that would further these objectives.

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