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New Release of Mag2Pol version 4

Mag2Pol is an easy-to-use program for the analysis of X-ray and (polarised) neutron diffraction data. The latest release introduces Rietveld refinement and further tools for a user-friendly analysis of powder data.

Mag2Pol is a program for the analysis of single-crystal and powder diffraction data, both for X-rays and neutrons. Nuclear and magnetic structures including structural twin and magnetic domain populations can be refined from spherical polarimetry and flipping ratio data as well as from integrated intensities.

The upgrade to Mag2Pol version 4 is fully devoted to powder diffraction. It features Rietveld refinement and an interactive GUI for the treatment of powder diffraction data following the intuitive and user-friendly style throughout the rest of the program. A correlated refinement with polarised or unpolarised single-crystal data is possible without the need of changing the input file.

Batch refinement allows to use a refined structure model to analyse a series of powder patterns as a function of e.g. temperature, doping, etc., and to plot refined parameters with just a few clicks. The pattern plotter can be used to subtract/offset patterns or to visualize them in 1D, 2D and even 3D.

Mag2Pol is available for Windows, macOS and Linux and can be obtained together with examples and more documentation on

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