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2014 NSSA Fellows

Neutron Scattering Society of America


The Neutron Scattering Society of America is pleased to announce the selection of its new 2014 NSSA Fellows.

Prof. Nitash Balsara (UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
For sustained, high impact, neutron scattering research on a broad range of polymeric materials, and for organizational, mentoring and leadership activities in promoting the use of neutron scattering in polymer research.

Prof. Simon Billinge (Columbia University and Brookhaven National Laboratory)
For seminal contributions to the field of local structure and nanostructure studies using atomic pair distribution function methods and impact on the field of neutron diffraction.

Prof. Robert Briber (University of Maryland)
For elucidating the structure and dynamics of polymeric and biopolymeric materials and dedicated service to the neutron scattering community.

Dr. William Buyers (Canadian Neutron Beam Centre)
For seminal and sustained contributions to neutron scattering studies of magnetic and superconducting materials, and leadership in the Canadian neutron science community.

Dr. Michael Fitzsimmons (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
For many important contributions to the study of interfacial and thin-film magnetism using polarized neutron reflectometry.

Prof. Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University)
For definitive contributions to the study of novel magnetic phases of matter using neutron spectroscopy, and for exceptional mentorship of next – generation neutron scatterers.

Prof. Henry Glyde (University of Delaware)
For seminal contributions to our understanding of liquid and solid helium using neutron scattering and for chairing the committee that founded NSSA and subsequent service.

Prof. Lee Magid (University of Tennessee)
For outstanding leadership in cold neutron research on complex fluids and critical service to the neutron field.

Prof. David Moncton (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
For seminal studies of charge density waves and of the interplay between magnetism and superconductivity and for outstanding leadership of the Spallation Neutron Source.

Dr. Raymond Osborn (Argonne National Laboratory)
For outstanding application of neutron scattering techniques to the understanding of strongly correlated materials, the development of novel techniques and capabilities, and the advocacy of neutron scattering worldwide.

Dr. Sushil Satija (NIST Center for Neutron Research)
For significant contributions to the advancement of the understanding of the physics of polymers at surfaces and interfaces through the development and innovative application of neutron reflectometry.

Prof. Norman Wagner (University of Delaware)
For the development of novel SANS sample environments for rheological and electric field-driven studies, outstanding scholarship in neutron scattering methods applied to soft matter science, education of the next generation of neutron scattering scientists and engineers, and for service to the NSSA and scientific and academic leadership in the neutron scattering community.

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