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BornAgain School and User Meeting 2016

Date: 18/05/2016

BornAgain ( is a novel software package to simulate and fit small-angle neutron and x-ray scattering at grazing incidence. It provides a generic framework for modeling multilayer samples with smooth or rough interfaces and with various types of embedded nanoparticles.

This School will introduce students, instrument scientists, and both novice and experienced researchers working in the field of GISAS or reflectometry at large to new opportunities for simulating and fitting their data. In compact introductory lectures, we will outline the theory implemented in BornAgain, and explain the design of the software. Extensive hands-on tutorials will highlight practical aspects of GISAS simulation.

Registration is available at

At the User Meeting, users of BornAgain are kindly invited to share their experiences, to present first results, but also to report on difficulties, to suggest improvements and to request missing features. This feedback offers a unique opportunity to influence the further development of BornAgain.

For convenience of colleagues from overseas, this event is scheduled as a satellite of the GISAXS2016 workshop (, which takes place on November 16-18 in Hamburg.

BornAgain Graphical User Interface BornAgain Graphical User Interface

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