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Dates announced for the Italian School "Learning Days"

Learn about neutron techniques from June 13 to 22 in Italy and France. Deadline for applications is April 10.


Location: S. Giovanni Valle Aurina in Italy and ILL in Grenoble, France
Dates: 13 – 22 June 2015
Deadline for applications: 10 April 2015
Website: (in Italian)

Introduction to neutron techniques for condensed matter studies, with applications to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth sciences

Giornate Didattiche 2015 Giornate Didattiche 2015

The Learning Days organized by the Italian Society of Neutron Spectroscopy are addressed to degree and specializing students, PhD students, post-doc and young researchers interested in acquiring the basic principles of neutron spectroscopy, in understanding the advantages and potentialities of this technique, and in exploiting it for their research.

The ninth edition of the SISN Learning Days will take place from 13 to 22 June 2015, with subject “Introduction to neutron techniques for condensed matter studies, with applications to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth sciences”.


The Learning Days are characterized by two sessions. The first session provides the students with the fundamentals of neutron spectroscopy and the basic principles of data analysis. The lectures (in Italian) on the basic theoretical and experimental tools will be paralleled by tutorials about data analysis. During the second experimental session the students will carry out real neutron scattering measurements at the most important facility for neutron research: the high flux reactor of the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France. Depending on the tutors’ nationality the language spoken during the experiments might also be English.

The first part of the school, from 13 to 17 June will be held at Hotel Steinpent in S. Giovanni Valle Aurina (in the province of Bolzano, Italy) ( With favourable weather conditions, a pause day is foreseen (on Monday 15 June) during which students can take part to an excursion in the mountains organized by the school. Monday evening will instead be devoted to the presentation of the experiments foreseen in Grenoble. On Thursday 18 June students will leave S. Giovanni to reach Grenoble in the evening. The school organizes the travel to Grenoble.

The second session will take place from 19 to 22 June, with two full days of measurements. At the end of the experiments the students will present a short report, in the form of a seminar, certifying their activity during the school. A committee composed by the school directors and experimental tutors will assign a prize for the best presentation.

School series - Giornate Didattiche 2013 School series - Giornate Didattiche 2013

NMI3 support and views of 2013 participants

This school is part of the NaMES (Neutron and Muon European Schools). Thanks to NMI3 funding, European students can have their expenses covered to attend the school.

NMI3 has been to the 2013 school edition and talked with the participants and organisers. To find out about the experience of the participants of the 2013 Learning Days you can read our article and watch our video here!

Other information

Arrival at Hotel Steinpent in Valle Aurina (in charge of and individually organized by the participants) should take place within Friday 12 June evening. Stay and meals, both in Valle Aurina and in Grenoble, are booked and organized by the school. Departure from Grenoble and return travel, foreseen on Tuesday 23 June, is in charge of and individually organized by the students.

To apply for participation just fill in the form below and send it, by e-mail and within 10 April 2015, to Alessio De Francesco, IOM-CNR c/o ILL Grenoble. For experimental reasons the number of participants is limited, and the possibility to attend the school will be expressively communicated to each applicant. The students selected for participation are warmly invited, in case of renunciation, to inform the directors as soon as possible, so to favour the participation of other candidates in their place.

Application and subscription are free of charge. SISN will provide some grants to partially cover the expenses for stays and meals, both in Valle Aurina and in Grenoble.

Further information and details will soon be provided on the website of Società Italiana di Spettroscopia Neutronica under the link “Scuole SISN”.

School’s application form, presentation and poster

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