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McStas 2.2 released

Date: 27/05/2015

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McStas 2.2 has been released and is ready for download via

Selected, important highligts from the release are:

  • General:
    • The new component/instrument keyword DEPENDENCY allows to automatically require / compile instruments with external libraries.
    • The Mantid-IDF generation through our Perl mcdisplay tool has been optimized.
    • Bugfix: The use of WHEN with EXTEND code only considered the first statement (report by M. Appel)
  • Infrastructure:
  • Components:
    • A new model for the ESS butterfly moderator – see documentation for the ESS_moderator.comp. Developed by Peter Willendrup in close collaboration with Troels Schoenfeldt DTU Nutech/ESS. Please Note: A separate document with recommended settings for this component will be released later, also a version backported to McStas 1.12c.
    • The Isotropic_Sqw component was broken in McStas 2.1. The expected behaviour has been restored. Users of this component should upgrade to McStas 2.2 asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Instruments:
    • ILL_IN13 backscattering instrument contributed by Emmanuel Farhi
    • ILL_IN4 tof instrument contributed by Emmanuel Farhi
  • Datafiles:
    • Improved water Sqw data files contributed by Emmanuel Farhi (- see also JNST 52 (2015) 844 )
    • Added CaF2 crystal, improved Al2O3 sapphire transmission
  • Tools:
    • McStas 2.2 is the first release to include a first version of our new mcgui-py tool, based on Python, QT and Scintilla. We think it is a very nice start at this long-awaited replacement of mcgui (Perl) and want you to try it out even though a few edges may still be rough here and there. For installation instructions, see the README’s included with the installation packages.
    • McStas 2.2 further includes a simple mcplot plotter for Unix platforms (Linux, OS X) based solely on shell-script + Matlab/iFit/Octave, no need for Perl or Python with this plotter, called mcplot-matlab

Full list of changes is available in the Changelog.

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