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E Abad

Estefanía Abad

Resp. of Collaborations and Strategy at the Management Office of ESS Bilbao

Step by step to my position

I have a degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Cantabria. During the last semester of my degree I did an Erasmus stay at the Laboratoire de Crytallographie du CNRS in Grenoble, where I first went to ILL and I met my PhD supervisor. In 2001 I obtained my PhD in Physics from the University of Oviedo for my study of the magnetic interactions in intermetallic compounds, by means of various experimental techniques (neutron and X-rays diffraction, magnetometry, adiabatic calorimetry and electrical resistivity) and being a user of large research infrastructures of both neutron and synchrotron radiation.

From 1999 to 2001 I worked as associate professor in the Physics Department of the University of Oviedo. During the 2001-2002 academic year I completed a Masters Course in Microsystems and Nanotechnology at the University of Cranfield (United Kingdom) funded by the Tekniker Applied Research Center. Between October of 2002 and February of 2010, I was a researcher at the Micro and Nanotechnology Department of Tekniker, working on micro and nanofabrication technologies such as: ultraviolet lithography, soft, and nanoimprint Lithographies (NIL), physical vapor deposition (PVD), electrodeposition, scanning electron (SEM) and atomic force (AFM) microscopies among others.

Since 2010 I have been head of the applications and neutron technologies groups of the ESS-Bilbao Consortium, the public institution that channels the Spanish contribution to the European Espallation Source (ESS). During these years I have been responsible for the design of the applications and experiments with the proton beams of the ESS-Bilbao installation and the neutron instruments technologies, in particular the development of position sensitive scintillation neutron detectors. Currently, I am in charge of Collaborations and Strategy in the ESS Bilbao Management Office. I have participated in numerous research projects, at regional, national and European level, and have led several of them at center level.


I have about 40 peer reviewed publications and conference proceeding resulting from my different scientific/technical positions. Currently I am doing much more management than science.

Any difficulties because of your gender

I never experienced difficulties while I was student (degree, PhD) and in my early career positions. However, when I got a position with some responsibility, that was at the same time when I had my babies, I started to feel/experience differences between being men and women and how top management in most of the institutions is still a male kingdom.

Percentage of your time for your family/work/you

I have two sons (14 and 1 years old) and one daughter (6 years old). For me my family (kids, husband, parents and bothers) are extremely important, so I try always to keep a balance in my time for work, family and also my friends and myself, but it is not always easy…

Who or what is your mentor/greatest inspiration?

I think that many people and things are inspiring for me, but my mentor from a scientific point of view has been my PhD supervisor Prof. Jesús Angel Blanco. I shared with him a lot of time during my PhD and he transmitted to me his passion and enthusiasm about science in general and magnetism in particular.

Contact details

Dr. Estefanía Abad
Consorcio ESS Bilbao
Collaborations and Strategy (Management Office)
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia
Laida Bidea, Edificio 207-B
48160 Derio, Bizkaia
+34 94 607 66 41

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