'Texts, Drugs and Dinosaurs - Neutrons Show the Way' at TEDx Lund University Event

TEDx Lund University. How has science changed our lives? How will neutrons help us meet the challenges of the future? And what’s it like to work in an international science facility under construction? This talk will take you on a trip through archaeology, life science and magnetism, and end up at a huge construction site.

Date: 17/01/2017
Source: europeanspallationsource.se


Sindra Petersson Årsköld is a Senior Science Advisor at the European Spallation Source (ESS) and an Associate Professor of biochemistry at Lund University. She’s done research on photosynthetic oxygen production and the workings of the influenza virus, and she’s introduced many generations of students to the wonders of the chemistry of life. She now works with policy and outreach at ESS, one of the largest science facilities under construction today.

More information on research using neutrons can be found here.

Texts, Drugs and Dinosaurs - Neutrons Show the Way Texts, Drugs and Dinosaurs - Neutrons Show the Way

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